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Inter Construction

inter Construction has a professional team consisting of highly qualified engineers and technicians from various professions ready to carry out all civil and electromechanical construction work of various sizes such as:

  • Construction and renovation of buildings, public, residential and commercial facilities. 
  • Construction of metal structures
  • Installation and maintenance of pipelines, treatment plants and sewage systems
  • Installation and maintenance of heating, ventilation and cooling systems
  • Installation and maintenance of electrical transmission and distribution substations and switchgears and networks.
  • Installation and maintenance of fire prevention systems
  • Asphalt paving and parking

inter Construction has extensive experience in welding, steel manufacturing, pipelines, metal structures and the construction of oil and gas pipelines in line with Saudi Aramco's standards.

inter Construction has a good stock of construction equipment and workshops to handle and manage large-scale mechanical construction projects such as the construction of cross-country pipelines, the construction of processing plants, the installation of pipelines with flow lines, the installation of PEB structures and underground pipelines GRP/RTR/FRP for the firefighting network and testing purposes... etc.

 Other mechanical works that inter can carry out are:

  • Maintenance of oil well head valves and downstream treatment plant equipment
  • Manufacturing and installation of pipe network and pipe reinforcements and racks
  • Installation of steel structures and pre-engineered buildings (PEBs)
  • Blasting, painting and insulation
  • Scaffolding
  • Hydraulic testing